Your Christmas Light Installation Service Includes:

1.  Tell Us What You Want

We'll work with you to design a display and then install it once you’ve approved the custom design. You can meet with our professional Christmas light installers to discuss a specific look or we can help you come up with ideas. Our Christmas light installers will help you bring your vision to reality. Get your Free Estimate here.

2.  We Bring the Lights

We use LED Christmas lights exclusively. This saves you energy and electricity costs over the course of the Holiday season. LED lights are incredibly durable and pretty much impossible to break, they are completely rust-proof, they don't flicker when on for a long time and they give out a charming warm glow.

3.  We Hang The Lights

We custom install the Christmas lights on your home or business, according to your chosen design. Every Christmas light installer has been fully trained to use the best tools, processes and experience to do the job properly. We'll install your light display with your home’s safety and beauty in mind.

4.  We Fix Problems

To make sure your holiday lights stay looking perfect, we offer a rapid service guarantee -- if your Christmas or event lights go out, or you have technical issues, we will be there the next business day to fix the problem, and at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We take the hassle out of your holiday lighting and give you more time with your family!  

5.  We Take Lights Down

Having Christmas Light Installs do your Christmas display is like an on-going gift to yourself! Come January, when the holiday season is over (usually between the 2nd and 20th of the month), we will take down all of the lights we’ve installed and maintained throughout the season. And we do it with the same care as we did the installation. We will also store the lights for you until the following season!

Discounts are available for years 2 & 3 when you sign up for a 3 year contract!

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